International Journal Education and Computer Studies (IJECS) Vol. 3 No. 3 (November 2023) presents a diverse collection of articles addressing key themes in education. "Analyzing the Applications and Implications of Current Emerging Technologies on Digital Trends" explores the impact of emerging technologies, while "Enhancing Science Process Skills" by Miftahul Khairi focuses on experimental methods in heat transfer education for fifth-grade students. Diyah Mayarisa's "Analytical Study on the Urgency of Media Learning in Islamic Religious Education" emphasizes multimedia's role in Islamic education. Cut Intan investigates "The Role of School Supervisors" in enhancing junior high school teachers' competence through academic supervision. Lastly, "Assessing Affective Domain in PAI Subjects" by Hazal Fitri, Ulil Azmi, and Sarniyati Yusmanita presents a case study on affective learning in Islamic education. This edition provides valuable insights into current educational practices and challenges.


Published: 2023-11-30