Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is HUMANISOS indexed in....?

Please scroll down to the page bottom to see where HUMANISOS is indexed.

How long does it take my article to be published?

It is impossible to answer this question. HUMANISOS The procedure from submission to publication is explained in the Author Guidelines, which may give you an idea. For some of the steps the duration is impredictable, for some of them it depends on you, and finally, HUMANISOS is a very highly demanded journal with a long publishing queue.

How long does it take my article to be indexed in Scopus?

Scopus state it might take up to 5 weeks after publishing of an article. The journal editors don't have any influence on this, we don't send articles to Scopus – Scopus pass by and retrieve content on their own discretion. If your article is not indexed in Scopus wait for a reasonable time and then contact either the Scopus Help Desk or Sebastian Schreiter.

What is the impact factor of HUMANISOS?

HUMANISOS does not have an impact factor. The Web of Science impact factor is evaluated for journals listed in WoS SCIE, where HUMANISOS is not listed.

In which cases articles are rejected due to plagiarism?

Articles are rejected from 20% of similarity and more than 100 words from one source.