Sistem Peringatan Dini Banjir Secara Real-Time Berbasis Web Menggunakan Arduino dan Ethernet

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Dedi Satria
Syaifuddin Yana
Rizal Munadi
Saumi Syahreza


The development of flood early warning technology has grown rapidly. The technology has led to an increase in technology in terms of communication and information. Internet of Things technology (IoTs) has provided a major influence on the development of early warning information system. In this article a protipe-based flood monitoring information system of Google Maps have been designed by integrating Ultrasonic sensors as the height of the detector, the Arduino Uno as a processor, U-Blox GPS modules Neo 6 m GSM module and as the sender of data is the height of the water and the coordinates to the station of the system informais flood. The design of the prototype produces information flood elevations along with location based Google Maps interface.


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