Aplikasi Perbandingan Sistem Perbaikan Citra Digital menggunakan Metode Dekonvolusi Wiener, Lucy Richardson, dan Regularized

Dika Rizki Darmawan, Fauziah Fauziah, Ratih Titi Komalasari


In some cases, there is some damage to an image caused by interference during the image capture process. Blurred image damage can be overcome by deconvolution digital image processing. There are various methods to repair the image blur damage, including using the Regularized, Wiener, and Lucy Richardson deconvolution methods. Each blurring image repair method produces a different debluring result of image processing. Image comparison application was built to compare the ability of image restoration results to a Motion Blur image with the algorithms used in deconvolution. Image restoration comparison parameters used include determining the MSE and PSNR values between the test image and the deconvolved image. The results of implementing the comparative application of Motion Blur image improvement to 270 blur simulations consisting of 9 different levels of image blurring, obtained the average PSNR value for Wiener's deconvolution = 59.16dB, Lucy Richardson = 26.92dB and Regularized = 36.94dB.


Image Restoration; Lucy Richardson; Motion Blur; Regularized; Wiener.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v4i2.154


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