The development of science related to economics, management, and technology both theoretically and empirically has been proven to have a positive impact on various aspects of people's lives. Economic development and management, for example, have provided many benefits for increasing effectiveness and efficiency in various economic activities. Likewise, technology can contribute to the ease of carrying out administrative tasks both government and non-government institutions. Until now, research related to economics, management, and technology has been carried out by academics, practitioners and researchers who care about the field of science. But not all research results can be published in scientific journals. The presence of the Journal EMT KITA does not only intend to publish the results of empirical and theoretical studies relating to managerial economics and technology. But more than that, EMT is one way to disseminate research results related to the three fields of science. Volume 6 Number 2 contains interesting research results that are read and known about studies taking place in the community in Indonesia.


Published: 2022-07-01

Teachers' Performance in Indonesian Secondary Schools: Does Motivation Matter?

Amiruddin Hasan, Nurhasanah , Asmaul Husna, A Razak, Martahadi Mardhani


Risiko Ekonomi pada Praktek Risywah dan Ihtikâr

Siti Kadariah, Tuti Anggraini, Marliyah


Usaha Berkelanjutan melalui Korporatisasi Peternakan: Analisis Persepsi Peternak di Indonesia

Eriana Kartadjumena, Aida Wijaya, Andina Nur Fathonah, Erly Sherlita, Apriwandi, Debbie Christine


Faktor-Faktor Yang Berpengaruh Terhadap Pelaporan Keuangan UMKM Berkualitas (Survei pada UMKM Peternak di Indonesia)

R. Ait Novatiani; Robertus Ary Novianto, Rita Yuniarti, Diana Sari, Nuryaman, Bachtiar Asikin


What Constitutes Young Auditor Performance

Yasmine Toshka Munawar Makyanie, Armanto Witjaksono